Monday, April 20, 2020

My Favorites from Spring 2020

With the disruption the Coronavirus has brought us during the spring of 2020, we didn't have a spring trade show in Orlando but that doesn't mean our designers haven't been busy creating temptations for us!  Here are my favorites from the late winter-early spring.

Gayla Elliott's Cleopatra

I always like Gayla Elliott's little portraits of woman.  This is Cleopatra.  She would be a delight to stitch!

Maggie's Cleo Cat, Complete with Attitude

Continuing the theme of Egypt (A personal favorite but hey!  This is MY favorites list!) is this fun Egyptian cat from Maggie.  Abstract designs don't usually grab me but I really like this one.  Snooty cats are always fun, right?

Heidi Stanley's Lucky Cat

Heidi Stanley has a great Lucky Cat design that would be really fun to do as well.

Green Tiger from Hello Tess

I also like Hello Tess' Green Tiger.  Are you seeing a feline theme here?  LOL

Labors of Love's Wicked Queen

Want more of a challenge?  Look at this Labors of Love canvas of the evil stepmother queen from Snow White that Amy Bunger will use as a Home Study starting probably next fall.  It'll be a real challenge but Amy Bunger is up to it.

Tapestry Fair's Spirit Animal Coyote

Tapestry Fair has a series of Spirit Animals from Timothy Chapman's artwork that are spectacular.  I like the Coyote.

Blue Heron from Julie Mar is lovely.

Abigail Cecile's Brown Bear from the Folk Art Animals Series

If you want less of a challenge, how about the really darling series of folk art wild animals from Abigail Cecile?  Brown Bear is my favorite but they are all very cute and would be fun to work up for winter display.

Ugly Christmas Sweater from Ryan Conners of Purple Palm

Want something with personality?  How about Ryan's animal glasses series?  These are distributed by Purple Palm.  I love the cat in green glasses myself but there are dogs that are just as cute.

Melissa Prince's Winter Hummingbird

If you like birds (and who doesn't?) you might like Melissa Prince's new birds, too.  My favorite is the Winter Hummingbird.  I like the realism here.  The humming bird has personality.

Lady in Hat from Leigh Designs

My final pick is a classic.  Leigh Designs has a series of ladies in hats.  This is the newest and a favorite of mine due to the soft pastel colors and her sawn neck and lovely hair.

So there you have it!  I like people and animal canvases, mostly realistic designs.  So what's your favorite theme and which new designs do you like?

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