Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mismatched Windows

First of all, let me state firmly that I HATE THE TIME CHANGE.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Secondly, my windows are mis-matched.  Sigh.

I don't know if you read the Comments yesterday or not, but Pamela pointed out in a comment yesterday that the side windows should not be level.  The tiny one on the left should be a thread or three lower than the one on the right for the perspective to be correct.  I agree with her but I'm not pulling it out and restitching correctly just yet.  Remember, I have to stitch the exterior wall around these tiny windows.  I don't know what stitch I will use yet but unless it is tent stitch, compensating around the tiny windows will probably draw attention to the fact that they are not identical and I don't want anyone looking at the side windows.  I want the front windows to stand out.  So I'm leaving things alone for now.  I may indeed pull out the left tiny window later on.  It all depends on what stitch I choose for the walls.

I do have to pull out the window on the left front door.  Can you tell it is larger than the window on the right door?  I didn't realize this until yesterday after I had chosen a stitch for the door panels below the windows, stitched two, then realized that the left one was larger than the right.  I will have to rip out the larger left window and door panel and restitch them to the correct size.  How I managed to count the windows over and over again and end up with two sizes is something only other dyslexics can understand.

But rip out I shall, probably later today.  Right now I'm going to pour more coffee and go stare at the Mindy trunk show (25% off and free shipping!) at the Nimble Needle.

Then I plan to look at the new congress cloth colors from Zweigart,

and stare at Pierrette's stumpwork goldfish and wonder if I'll ever be able to attach the Tardis door using stumpwork tehniques.

Jane, stomping off in the heavy rain for more coffee (sigh)

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