Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ruth Dilts Profiled

One of the few stitchers I know whom I occasionally see in person is Ruth Dilts.  Ruth is funny, talented and a threadaholic (a recipe for Perfect in my book).  One of the local shops has a brief profile of Ruth up on their website.

I checked out the names of the designs that are shown in the interview to help you if you fall in love.  (Of course you can always email Scarlet Thread.)  From the top down they are:  the Mystic stained glass design, Spring Garden which looks a bit like a sundial to me, one corner of the NJ Quilt design, the dusty roses and blues of the WVA Quilt, and the very pretty Feather Fan pattern.  You can find them all here on Ruth's website.

Ruth does a lot of design work for Rainbow Gallery, including free NP designs.  Have fun exploring Rainbow Gallery's listing of free charts here.

Ruth has also done free Hardanger charts for Rainbow Gallery.

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Ruth myself.  Read more about her here-

I did a short profile of Ruth's Wisteria Kimono on Blog, too.

I own the Mystic chart.  Some day I'll stitch it, once I settle on a colorways....

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