Wednesday, December 30, 2009

O'jishi, The Noh Theatre Lion

Here is O'jishi, the stylized lion mask used in traditional Japanese theatre.  Although I do a lot of Asian themed canvases, he is totally different than anything I've ever stitched.  Very few canvases convey fierceness and drama the way O'jishi does!

Here is a close-up.  I'm sorry I can't get all of him on the scanner bed for a good image of all of him but you can always search Blog using "O'jishi" to find all my blog entries about and photos of this design.

You might enjoy looking at all the Noh Theatre masks in this series. O'jishi is my favorite but there are seven others.

Many thanks to Leigh Richardson for allowing me to stitch O'jishi for you.  In a few weeks the stitch guide will be ready for purchase and I'll tell you more about that when it is.

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