Saturday, May 23, 2020

Making a Needle Lace Leaf: The Movie

Tricia Nguyen of Thistle Threads has posted a video on how to make a needle lace leaf using a metal thread called Silk Scallop Trim.

You can buy Silk Scallop Trim from Tricia, but note she is shipping only every two months right now since she's overwhelmed with orders and cannot get any help to manage all the orders that are flowing in.  She also has to limit visits to the post office for safety's sake.

She's using one of her specialty threads but you could do this with probably any metal thread that can be stretched like bullions.  Tanja Berlin sells a wide selection of bullions.  They are typically cut to length and then attached like a bead but bullions can be stretched out and couched into position.

You might also try this with the gimp from Painters Threads.  No idea how it will turn out but I like experimenting!

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