Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sins, Signs and a Newsletter and Trunk Show

Ridgewood is having a Kathy Schenkel (KS Designs) trunk show. On today's blog entry they show off standup designs meant to be topped by a stuffed animal. I've seen the little mini stockings that come with a stuffed animal to insert into the stocking but I didn't know that KS Designs had standups that were topped by such things. Neat idea!  If you want to click on the header of this blog, there's another photo of some of the trunk show canvases on display in the shop, or you can browse the designer website (second link) to see more of what Kathy Schenkel has to offer.  The last page of the What's New section on the designer website has one word canvases, which are becoming very popular.

By coincidence yesterday Janet Perry posted about the free charted designs for the Seven Deadly sins while...

...Pocket Full of Stitches shows off many of the And More one word pillow designs.  These have been very very popular and are now morphing into two word pillows with various short slogans.  This article has a link to the And More website where you can see all the new designs.

Have you seen what Ruth Schmuff and Amy Bunger do with these?

Want to see some of the new Maggie designs from the January TNNA show?  The theme seems to be animal portraits, flowers, and  wonderful Art Deco restaurant and advertising posters.

If you prefer charted designs, enjoy Linda Reinmiller's newest piece which you can watch develop here.  It's a new one for her Walk series.

Finally, Chandail has their latest newsletter up on their website.  If you are a monthly club fan, you'll want to see the models for their ribbon candy designs and for the bell shaped Santas.

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Behind the Scenes: Backgrounds with Barbara Elmore

You might have seen one of Barbara Elmore's large chandelier canvases.  There are several versions of these, ranging from a shoe chandelier to a Halloween-themed one to the latest which is the Mad Hatter's Chandelier, full of teapots and tea cups and fun. These all seem to be two feet square and painted on 18 count canvas.

Ever wonder how these large canvases are painted?  Barbara talks about her experiments on painting backgrounds for these big canvases.  The next time I complain about stitching an endless background, I'll remember someone had to paint all those inches first!

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