Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charts Galore UPDATED

The charted canvas/counted thread folks in northern Virginia are cheering as The Scarlet Thread is being reborn as an online shop.  The economic downturn closed the shop almost a year ago, which about broke my heart as besides a ton of charted designs, they carried a huge selection of threads that no one else here had.  The online Scarlet Thread is barebones when it comes to threads, beads and tools so far, but there are a ton of charts for you to browse.

Who said counted thread was dead?!

UPDATE:  Got a nice message from Judi at Thistle Needleworks.  You might remember Judi as one of the victims I've interviewed here on Blog and as the person behind the Thistle Needleworks and the Alex Paras Needle Arts websites.

Judi says, "It may be a small point, but I believe the designs that are featured at the shop you blogged about are Charted Canvas designs for the most part and not Counted Thread designs. Those of us in the industry distinguish between charted/counted designs worked on canvas (Counted or Charted Canvas) and those worked on fabric (Counted Thread)."

Thanks for the correction, Judi. You can see how ignorant I am of the proper terms, not to mention how much of a beginner I am doing charted work!  My apologies to the stitchers of such things.  Keep up the corrections, folks.  No one knows it all, especially me.

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