Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shoulder Pads and Japanese Quilting

Luna from Leigh Designs' Ladies of the Night Series
I hoped to have both of Luna's shoulders done this morning but I didn't finish the purple folds on the right side last night.  The shoulders are both painted with gray and purple shading but I am stitching all the crease lines in purple.  I thought two colors for the fold lines was a bit much considering what I was doing with this design so I am only using a dark purple on the black cloak.  (I may use a bit of gray thread in back stitching to differentiate the different black areas at the end. Or I may not.)  You'll see I haven't done the bangs or her jewelry yet, either.  That fun stuff has to wait until I have both shoulders and bangs finished.

In other news, Barbara mentioned this Flickr album full of Japanese quilts from the 2011 Tokyo quilt show.  (Navigate using the arrow at the right of the little thumbnail photos.) The colors are amazing.  Shows like this help me pick colors for geometric pieces.  I choose a piece I particularly like and pull colors from it.  It is sort of like picking a skein of Watercolours that appeals and then going with the colors incorporated in the overdyed cotton skein, but the range of colors shown at the quilt show is much greater than the 200-250 that Caron uses currently.

Thanks for the tip, Barbara!

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