Friday, February 3, 2023

Cosmo Updated

I am a huge fan of Cosmo, which is a Japanese six ply cotton floss, available in hundreds of colors and even in about thirty overdyes. Trish Burr is working with Cosmo's manufacturer in Japan to package color ranges for sale.  If you've ever despaired about finding 5-7 shades of a color for a design, Cosmo has what you need.  

If you don't want to do mail order or Trish runs out of these limited edition packs, check with quilt shops in your area.  Many carry Cosmo.  I love stitching with it.  Of all the cotton flosses available, Cosmo is my favorite by far due to the huge color range, the silky feel as you stitch with it, and the quality of the cotton thread itself.

UPDATE:  Rittenhouse just posted that they stock Cosmo.  There are tons of shades!

Here is their website ordering page in case you can't resist.

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