Appraisers for Needlepoint

 I will list all the appraisers who appear to have needlepoint experience I've heard about here, in alphabetical order.

Cindy Lee Gershin is Needlework Appraisal.  Here is her website.

Cindy did  an interview with Fiber Talk about judging and appraising needlework. She's certified in all these areas. This is a two part interview. The first is Cindy talking about judging needlework, what judges look for, how to improve your stitching with competition in mind, etc.

This podcast talks about appraisals, why you might need an appraisal, and how they work.

The YouTube followup has Cindy showing photos of her work to explain what to look for if you are getting a piece ready to exhibit in a judged show. The discussion starts at about 13:30 timestamp.

Valerie McAlleen's business is Timeless NeedleArts.  Valerie is ANG certified. Here is her website if you want more information. She also does stitch guides and repairs, all important services.

Valierie also has a Facebook page.

Willette Vaughn is located in southern Alabama.  Her business is called The Needle's Worth.  You can start the process by either calling her or filling out the form at the bottom of her home page.

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