Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tips Choosing the Right Thread

If you are working a painted canvas instead of from a chart, it's up to you to pick your threads.  That can be daunting if you are a beginner, but KC Needlepoint has help on their blog.

Note that clicking on a thread name will show you an online color card on the shop's website with closeup photos so you have some idea what the thread looks like.  Choosing colors based on your computer monitor is chancy, though.  Best to call your shop and tell them you need a red similar to DMC Number Whatever to get a good match. has a similar article which is useful and funny.

Of course these shops only list the threads they carry, but this is still useful.  I'd recommend that you be careful not to mix threads of wildly different diameters if you are doing an all tent stitch canvas but otherwise, experiment to your heart's content!  Just don't be surprised if your outcome differs slightly.  For example, KC Needlepoint says to use Pepperpot on 18 count but because of my loose thread tension, Pepperpot is too fat for 18 count because of the way I stitch.  You really do have to experiment.  

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