Thursday, March 22, 2018

What is Penelope Canvas?

While you are shopping you may run across designs printed on penelope canvas and wonder how you stitch on it. Here's an explanation.

Penelope normally comes in 10/20 count although you can find 12/24 count.  Try working fine crewel wool or DMC cotton floss or size 12 perle cotton on it.  It is rougher than mono canvas and the holes are smaller, especially when you split the pairs to stitch smaller detail.

Here's more information on penelope including the definition of gros pointe and petitpoint.

Needlepoint for Fun also carries penelope canvases.  They are generally printed.  (I've never seen any hand painted penelope canvases.)   You may have seen canvases where the center design is stitched and the background is to be stitched by the purchaser.  These are generally on penelope canvas.

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