Saturday, July 26, 2014

Amy is Teasing Me

Amy Bunger is posting hints about her next home study piece on Facebook.

HOME STUDY HINT #1 -- The southern artist designing the next home study lives surrounded by still life in miniature.
STUDY HINT #2 -- The next Home Study Project is dedicated to a fictional, full-spectrum storyteller.
HOME STUDY HINT #3 -- I must be stuck on initials for Home Study Artists...MS,KCN, JP AND ??? (these initials can also stand for a guffaw)
HOME STUDY HINT #4 -- Some of the patterns are small (6" x 6"). All are rainbow-hued. The designs original from a time and place where this storyteller would have lived. "Her" fantasies weave through her own story molded by betrayal, murder, power, riches and (of course) love.
Home Study Hint #5 -- Still haven't taken the first stitch, but that doesn't mean that I haven't started. My notebook and thread bag area filling up with goodies to try on first canvas of ......... series. I will try to add a Hint #6 on AGS Facebook tomorrow or Monday. Looks like most of you have guessed the designer and "theme" so soon I need to start showing canvases and ideas.
Home Study Hint #6 -- This paisley is not quite finished but coming along. Did you know that in the 1920s and 1930s American quilters referred to the paisley design shape as "Persian Pickle?"

Amy's latest tidbits-
A. "Nights with Sheherazade" Part One and Part Two
B. Will offer an October Start date
C. Part One is three smaller canvases approximately 6" x 6" spread out in three different shipments
D. Part Two is a single larger canvas 16" x 10" spread out in three different lessons.
E. You can sign up for both parts or just one.

A glimpse of one of the canvases--

Another of the small ones?--

This must be the large one-- 

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When Your Needlepoint Falls Short....

Do you have days when EVERYTHING you stitch looks awful?  Here is what the writer Ira Glass says about making things when your reach far exceeds your grasp.

When your mom said practice makes perfect, she wasn't kidding, so when you get stuck listen to Ira again.

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