Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Self-Finishing for Ornaments: Three Inches Versus Four Inches UPDATED

This fall I bet a lot of folks are thinking about self-finishing items for ornaments.  I'm just talking ornaments, now, either round or square, that fit inside three inch versus four inch self finishing items.  There are other self finishing items (purses, tissue boxes, snap trays) for larger pieces but I'm not considering those here.

If you have a three inch round item, your choices are the Lee purse, 

…the Lee leather needle box

…the Lee leather gift box…

…the Lee cosmetic bag (available in several finishes)…

…the Lee leather snap tray…

…or the Lee luggage tag.

If your item is three inches square, Planet Earth has square leather coasters.

Some coasters for the three inch square design come in sets of four.

Planet earth also has boxes that are for a three inch square design.

If your ornament is a four inch round, this Lee leather box might be just right.

I'm not sure which company offers these for four inch round designs.

These silk boxes are also for a four inch round design.

If your round is a bit larger than four inches in diameter, this Lee leather coaster that has a magnetic back and a loop to hang might be just the thing.  

This large snap tray will also handle a four inch round or even one that is four and a half inches round.

If your piece is four inches square, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has two styles of coasters, both with a glass insert to protect your stitching.

Whether your ornament is three inches or four (or even a bit larger), shop around once you settle on your preferred style.  

UPDATE:  Eye Candy shows off the various Planet Earth self-finishing boxes and their own designs which fit perfectly.

UPDATE #2:  Stitch by Stitch Larchmont shows off a range of self-finishing items, including the new luggage tags from Planet Earth that take 2x3 inch designs.

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