Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Emphasizing the Bitch UPDATED

Step One

Now that all the words except for "bitch" are stitched, it's time to embellish the heck out of the most important and largest word on my canvas.  I decided to use a stitch called Two Color Keenen from Ruth Schmuff's Stitches Four.  The first step is to do vertical columns of slanting stitches using my size 8 Finca perle cotton.  The photo above shows that this creates a sort of striped effect.

Step Two
The second step is to add tent stitches with the very dark purple Silk Lame Braid that was used in the work "not" in the top line.   Reusing a thread in various areas in a design unifies it in my opinion.

Step Three

Then I added purple beads (used in the dot over the eye) to add dimension and sparkle.  This photo is slightly tilted to help show the dimension.  By the way, to add depth to all this purple I threw in some gold hex beads at random.

Step Four

The fourth step is to outline each letter by couching the deep purple Kreinik used in the Smooch stitch above the "c" in "bitch."  More design unification!  The outlining raises the letters visually.

Step Five
The final step is to attach a deep purple Swarovski bicone crystal to the middle of the "B" and to toss on some gold star sequins for emphasis.

Next time we'll move on to the background's final touches.

UPDATE:  Pat is brick stitch beading her B and I.  Pretty!

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