Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Classes from Tony and Brenda

I don't normally list classes here (it's a ton of work and very few people look at the tab I used to maintain) but these two classes at Chandail Needlework are special. So here goes! First up, Tony Minieri has a new counted piece that he's starting to teach. It's called "Mumtaz Mahal" and appears to be one of his designs inspired by ethnic fabrics.

Brenda Stofft is going to teach at Chandail, too.  I've never known her to teach a class before and this one is all about her dimensional stuffed rabbit. Amazing!

If you are interested in the classes, check with the shop.  I don't know if they allow "ghosts."  Ghosts are people taking a class long distance instead of being in the shop for it.  Normally ghost students are mailed the class materials once the class ends so that any changes or clarifications that come up during the actual class can be added to the kit.

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