Friday, November 6, 2015

Pepperpot Skin

Pepperpot Silks in Skin Tones
I have a new batch of thread that I'm looking forward to using--Pepperpot Silk's new skin tones!  There are six shades which you can tell from the photograph.  I included a photograph of Melissa Shirley's new "Angel with Tree"so you can see how the colors coordinate with painted canvas faces.

This design is on 18 count, by the way.  Pepperpot Silk generally does good tent stitch coverage on 18 count but I like to split each strand into three as my stitch tension is fairly loose.  As long as I am careful to cut out the thick or thin spots in the plies, it works nicely for me.    If your stitching tension is tighter than mine, you'll find a strand of Pepperpot Silk as it comes off the skein perfect for 18 count tent stitches.

The colors are (left to right) --
Baked Alaska 192
Fondant 190
Fresh 191
Powder Puff 193
Shell 195
Tippy Toes 194

I will probably use 195 and 192 for the rosy cheeks and 194 or 190 for the rest of her skin.  If you want to see larger photos, try these at the Planet Earth Fiber website.  Each skein has 30 yards of thread, by the way.

I've seen a lot of shops announcing they have these new colors in stock, so ask at your favorite local shop to pick up a set if you like stitching folks a lot like I do and you enjoy using Pepperpot Silk.

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Highlights from the 2015 Stitch in Alaska Retreat

Jen of Funk and Weber Designs has posted photographs of all the fun in her first Stitch in Alaska Retreat. Is there a more beautiful place on earth to explore and stitch?

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