Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gone Shopping, Part Three

My final posting about Friday's big shopping spree mostly covers the various bags, totes and purses I saw at Waste Knot.  There were so many I thought I'd do a separate article about them.

Most of us have seen photographs of various purses you can buy that have spaces in the front for a needlepoint canvas to be attached.  I was lucky enough to see a great many of these in display and be able to tell you about the things you don't see in photos.

I'd always wondered about the Lee nylon totes.  Photos don't show how high quality they are.  Some have a faux leather trim inside the top margin as well as handles.  All have zips and pockets and the hardware looks sturdy.  I think this are a good buy if you don't want a leather purse.

The Lee leather purses are of outstanding quality--heavy leather, with good quality insides, zipped dividers, pockets, etc.  There are many sizes and styles.  Waste Knot had all black leather ones but they come in other colors.  Refer to the New Lee Needle Arts site for more styles and colors.

If you like the easy of stitch and zip purses, you may be interested in the Sophia purses.  Here's a better photo (you can just glimpse them in the Lee leather purses photo.  They come in many styles but I can't find a link online to show you.

There are purse canvases, of course.  None are more beautiful than Mindy's.  Waste Knot was having a Mindy trunk show so I snapped this photo of two amazing purses and the handles that come with them.  You should look at Mindy's website for other styles, each of which has an amazing handle included.

If you want a quick stitch tote bag, check out Julie Pischke's tote canvases which are on 10 count.  These are called Pischke Pockets.  The canvas and matching tote bag are sold together. All you do is add thread!  There's even a "how to" video on the JP tote website to help you attach the canvas to the tote bag yourself.  Trust me, it is not hard.  Check out the video and other styles on the Pischke Pockets website.  Other more traditional tote bags are on the regular Julie Pischke website.

Many needlepoint bags are not meant to be decorated--they are intended for the needleworker on the move who has to take a project or two along.  The bags in the front are the great Ashland Sky bags that Leigh Designs distributes.  The pink and green ones in the back are Walker mesh bags.

There are many more bags on display at Waste Knot.  These are all project bags from various sources.  As you can see, there's something for everyone!

My final photo is not a bag at all, but Trubey's tuffet.  The canvases you see are intended to cover the tuffet.  They are all floral, all with a slightly different background color.  Lori says she's seen this made up with trim dividing the sections and that it looks great finished with trim to unify the various areas.  This would be an interesting and unique project for someone's house.  If you are more traditional, Lori has two sizes of solid wood footstools you can see in the background which accommodate square canvases in their tops. These are sturdy and well made and will last a lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed shopping with me.  I am still working on Cha's background as I'm not willing to handle silk ribbons in this heat.  Today's supposed to only be 96, so things are improving.  The high yesterday was 101 with a heat index of 106 degrees.  No, I don't live in the desert, it just feels like it all along the east coast.

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