Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Spider is a Pirate (Boo! A Mystery Class) UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff has just revealed the Halloween mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled—it's "Boo!" by David Galchuftt an artist that Ruth distributes on needlepoint canvas.

There's a skeleton in a witch's hat and cape, a spider in a pirate's hat and a pumpkin—who sadly has no hat at all.  There's also tons of candy corn (a must for MY Halloween!) in the side borders.  You can visit Ruth's premises for the class if you sign up quickly but of course Ruth will ship lessons to you if you don't happen to live in the Baltimore area.

Such fun!  I'll update this as Ruth posts class information and lessons.

UPDATE:  First, Ruth creates candy corn from beads.  Halloween isn't Halloween without my favorite candy corn!

UPDATE:  Now Ruth has worked on the skull. He glows in the dark!

He really does glow!

UPDATE:  The skeleton has a great hat and a lovely glowing purple background.

UPDATE:  Ruth concentrates on the eyes and creates bony hands and a pumpkin on a stick.

FINAL UPDATE:  Ruth stitches the spider in his pirate outfit, clutching a candy corn!  Don't miss the instructional videoes Ruth has added.

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