Monday, January 17, 2022

Blue and White Foo Dogs

The Needlepoint Clubhouse in the St. Louis area (actually located in Kirkwood, MO) sells what they call their Guardian Roe canvases as a fund raiser for their local Habitat for Humanity-St. Charles.

The female should be on the left as you face the pair.  You can identify the sex of the foo dog by whether it has a ball (male) under its foot or a puppy (female).

This is the story behind the Guardian Roe foo dogs, which I've copied for those without Instagram accounts below:

"Last week, after a short illness, we lost a woman I was connected to by needlepoint. She was sophisticated and strong, fun and gracious. She was one of my earliest cheerleaders and the first to make me feel I had the skills to teach and advise in this business. Roe Ann had a keen sense of self and style and they were both admirable. One day she picked up this canvas (outlined in blue) and said, “I’m going to do her in pink.” She sent me this progress pic. Immediately I noticed the eye in the wrong spot. Knowing the worldly and smart Roe Ann, I second guessed myself. When she brought it back finished, she had moved the eye—we shared a laugh. In Chinese Buddhism culture, Foo Dogs, aka Guardian Lions, are displayed in pairs. The female is said to protect the people inside the home; the male protects its structure. We will be kitting our second #canvasforacause “Guardian Roe” in honor of our pal. I can’t imagine a better person to watch over any household. Proceeds will be donated to her favorite charity, Habitat for Humanity-St. Charles. 4”x4” on 18 mesh, kitted in silk $75. Please contact us at the shop if you’re interested."

It's a worthy cause, so here is the shop website for those who wish to stitch one.

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