Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light and More

ANG has just announced that starting in 2018, folks will not be able to use plug in lights at Seminar due to hotel regulations.  I guess they are afraid we are going to burn the place down with all the extension cords and plugs!  So the hunt for a good portable light source is on.

This orchestra light from Mighty Bright has been recommended. I can tell from the photo that this won't fit over stretcher bars but it can still be useful as I bet it is very very bright.

Although these piano stand lights are more expensive, one of these might be a better idea for a stitching table.

The Flexilens from Daylight is a light and magnifier that clamps or stands on the legs that extend from the base.  I'm told the clamp opens enough to go over Evertites, which are wider than most stretcher bars.

Ott has a small fold up lamp.  It is more expensive but you can use coupons and sales at the big box crafts stores to reduce the price.

This very bright portable light is inexpensive and folds up for travel.

The MagniFlex Pro is larger and heavier but is a light and magnifier combination.  It also has a magnetic base.

The Fancii is also a light/magnifier that operates on batteries or a USB cable.  It clamps onto a table, although the clamp doesn't seem that it will open wide.

Needlepoint Tool Time has several small portable lights.  Click on the name of each for further details and ask Tisha for help if you have special requirements.  She specializes in stitching tools so is familiar with many lights and magnifiers.

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