Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nimble Needle and the TNNA Belts

Trying to avoid canvases other blogs have talked about, Nimble Needle showcases some lovely belt canvases from Barbara Bergsten and Labors of Love, and shows off Raymond Crawford's new Judiac designs which are lovely.  I can see folks stitching all eight separate Menorah candles.  Believe me, I appreciate NN's attempts to show off things we have not seen before!  After all, there must have been many wonderful things no one took photographs of at the Columbus show.

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Fabulous Art in Needlepoint

I think today's just going to be dedicated to stitched pieces that'll blow your mind.  Let's start with this partly stitched Melissa Shirley piece that is going to be a class at Pocket Full of Stitches later in the year.  Take a close look at all the photos--amazing!

Were you wow'd by the Labors of Love geisha canvas that comes with the porcelain hands and face that premiered at Columbus, but Asian canvases just aren't your style?  Not to worry--Ridgewood has posted a photo of L of L's finished Elizabethean Queen piece.

After checking the L of L website, I see a photo of the finished Marie Antoinette and it looks like they also have an Anne Bolyn set but all I find is a photo of the canvas without her head.  Which is appropriate, come to think about it!

My final link is to Kay Stanis' website--the slide show on the home page leaves me breathless.  She teaches silk and metal embroidery which she clearly has mastered.  You can buy the instructions for some of her retired teaching designs as well as supplies like tiny tweezers, Japanese flat silk, and a tekobari directly from her.  Kay has included some great information about handling silks and metal threads under Techniques. Don't miss that once you stop staring at her finished models.

Me, I'm just going to sit mesmerized by her slide show and drink my coffee....

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