Thursday, May 2, 2019

Bobbin and Fred Use Knitting Yarn for Needlepoint UPDATED

Shannan of Bobbin and Fred talks about using Stylecraft's Special DK and Chunky knitting yarns for a needlepoint project based on a friend's artwork.

I don't knit so I don't know if these brands of knitting yarn are available here in the USA, but I imagine you can use any sort of yarn you can lay your hands on for a small test project like a glasses case.

UPDATE:  Liz has a warning for those thinking about using knitting yarn for a needlepoint project.  Thanks, Liz!

Knitting yarn for needlepoint? Depends. If you are looking for a special effect of some kind, use what you need to succeed! However, for "regular" needlepoint be wary. Knitting yarn tends to be a lot stretchier than needlepoint yarn and you really have to watch your tension. These folks seem to be using 10-count, so I'm guessing they are using worsted weight so, yes, you can get a very good price, if you are going to work a very large piece! It is a false economy if you are buying a big skein of knitting yarn when all you need is a few yards of something. And they mentioned machine wash & dry, so it is probably acrylic or at least a blend which would make your needlepoint piece just about impossible to block. So, can you use knitting yarn for needlepoint? Yes, but.....

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