Sunday, June 12, 2011

Neither Cats or Geishas

Ruth Schmuff is reporting in from the TNNA trade show and according to Ruth, it's all about the finishing.  She proves her point with a stunning fish sculpture by dede Odgen, a Melissa Shirley humorous crow, Barbara Elmore's tree canvas, colorful Zecca pieces, a wonderful Mindy pillow that's rumored to be in the next Needlepoint Now, and much, much more.  All the photos are of the finished models, which shows just how much finishing adds to a piece.

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The Cat Lover's TNNA UPDATED

Unfortunately, the designers selling at the trade shows don't have a lot of time to go look at the fun stuff, but Vicky has cleverly managed to pick out some cat canvases for herself--a great Halloween cat from Danji and a whole bunch of kittens with lampwork bead faces from Sundance. And there's more about the show, the food, a new random beading technique she learned from a Julia Snyder class, and of course a new look at the Creepy Critters that her fellow Team Deeva member Robin King stitched.

In the interests of fairness, Colleen of Needle Works has found a darling stuffed dog canvas from Sew Much Fun.  Of course she also photographed a stuff cat canvas.  (Fairness only goes so far.)  She also shot two phots of big banner style canvases at Melissa Shirley's booth and promises to go back there for more photos.  Stay tuned.

The Needle Bug staff are worn out, but very very happy.  They claim purses (not cats or geishas) are everywhere.  How about cat or geisha purses?!

By the way, the RSS reader for The Needleworks' blog isn't working.  Neither my blog list or my Google Reader are updating even though Colleen has made six posts from Market.  If your favorite blog isn't posting as much as normal, go there in a new browser window and check to see if your feed is also broken, particularly if they use Typepad.

UPDATE:  Janet Perry has added more information to her listing of new TNNA products.

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That's Not Needlepoint UPDATED

That's Not Needlepoint by Dede Odgen
That's Not Needlepoint (It's Inspired Art Created with Your Needle) is the title of dede Odgen's new book.  In the introduction dede describes the 41 page spiral bound booklet as "inspiration for needle artists...a guide for your imagination...."  In other words, dede doesn't intend for her booklet to be a stitch guide for the eight different sea-themed canvases she discusses, but you could use it that way for the canvases which are thoroughly discussed.  I think you'll get more out of the book by treating it as a lecture on stitching every sea creature under the sun rather than using it a stitch guide for her sea themed canvases.  I think it's a great book full of interesting ideas for underwater canvases.  However, if you don't have any interest in stitching fish, corals, shells, etc., this book isn't going to be something you'll want.

The book has an introduction, three pages of color photos of stitched canvases printed on both sides, an index of the stitches mentioned, a list of threads and their manufacturer to help you order them, and a list of other dede seascape designs not mentioned in the booklet.

Inside the Book
Many of the canvases she discusses have line drawings, stitch diagrams and lists of possible threads to use for the shells, fish, seaweed, etc. on the designs.  A few just have a few sentences of general information to help you get started.  The photos above are the cover of her book and a random page inside.  Only the stitch diagrams for complex stitches are numbered to indicate the order in which you create the stitch.  In other words, this is a book for an experienced stitcher, not a beginner who won't know the threads mentioned or know how to do the easier stitches dede recommends.

The canvases discussed are her brand new seahorse under a magnifying glass,

her blue fish sculpture (see pillow top of page),

her green aquarium fish,

her blue glass aquarium fish,

her undersea garden,

child's director chair,
(I couldn't find a link, sorry)

seahorse pillow,

enchanted mermaid's dream, and

the winged angel fish ornaments.

If you are curious about dede Odgen's designs in general, browse her personal website,

her distributor's website, and

the trunk show that Fireside Stitchery currently has underway.

The book is available wholesale from dede herself.  Have your shop contact her via her website to order.  In the interests of full disclosure, dede allowed me to buy the book wholesale directly in order to review it for you during the trade show in which it is being shown instead of waiting for my local to get it from her.

I think it is a fabulous idea book for the experienced stitcher who has a canvas of fish, shells, corals, jellyfish and the like in their future.   I plan to read it cover to cover again and again.

UPDATE:  Janet Perry also reviewed this book.  Here's her take on it.

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