Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Kreinik Transitioning to Standard Spool Size

Just noticed that Kreinik announced on Instagram that they are transitioning to a larger spool size for all their braids.

I think you need to have an Instagram account to see the photo of the larger spool and read their note, but what it says is:

"MOVING TOWARD NEW AND IMPROVED: As part of our efforts to get threads made and shipped much more quickly, we are streamlining the manufacturing process in a few major ways. The end result is going to be good for all of us but change is sometimes bumpy. You may notice that all of our spools are now on the larger Kreinik black spool, not the smaller. Eventually there will be a new, better spool—one spool size for all. The label will show the thread type, color number, amount on the spool, and a UPC code (better for shops). Thank you for sticking with us. We are working hard at getting back up to speed."

I'm sure having one size spool will be easier for manufacturing and probably easier to source than the current two sizes.  It'll be extra important to not lose the label on your spools now for us consumers.  

Later on this was posted to Facebook.  It's identical to the Instagram posting.  Here's the link if you have a FB account.

Even further details are provided by Theresa at Homestead Needle Arts.

Here is what the new labels look like.

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