Saturday, November 12, 2016

Glow in the Dark Beads Available

If your Halloween or any other canvas isn't glitzy enough, you can now buy size 11/0 glow-in-the-dark beads. Deborah posted two photos on Facebook. One shows the bead tubes in regular light and the other shows the glow colors.  Use the right side arrow to see the second photo.

Deborah got hers from A Thread Garden in California.

Ruth Schmuff says she will have these in size 11 shortly.

The beads seem to be from Toho, which is a Japanese bead company.°-Rounds-Japanese/9%2529%2BGlow%2Bin%2Bthe%2BDark/

If you buy online or in a local big box crafts store, make sure you check the size.  The very big size 6 pony beads have been available in glow colors for a long time but they are pretty large for most uses on needlepoint canvas.

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