Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Needlepoint Finishing Tab

In case you haven't noticed, I've added a new tab above for needlepoint finishing.  The link below will take you right there.  I've listed all the shops and independent finishers I have heard about. Note I have not listed their deadlines for Christmas 2020.  Follow the link and browse to see their deadlines, examples of their work, whether they will deal directly with you or only work through a shop, etc.

Whenever you arrange finishing, find out up front the cost, the approximate date your finishing will return, send photos/fabrics/trims/etc. of what you want being as specific as possible, and always ALWAYS ship things with tracking numbers and insurance.  Make sure it returns to you with a tracking number as well.  You might have to pay extra for this both ways but trust me, you don't want your finishing lost in the mail with no way to hunt it down.  It's also smart to put extra mailing labels in with the finishing so that the finisher can just stick your label on the box.  This eliminates the shipper getting your address slightly wrong.

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