Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Finella: A New Laying Tool

Finella Laying Tools

When I saw Pamela Harding post this on Facebook, I asked her if I could repost her message and photos here.  Pamela said yes!  Thanks, Pam!

Pamela says:  Who doesn't need a new laying tool? I now have a new one for you to try called a Finella. They were featured in the What's New column of the last issue of Needlepoint Now and a few people have asked me about them.

They are hand-made by a welder friend of mine here in Washington state to my exact specifications - who better than a needlepointer to design a laying tool? There are two types of tools - a regular laying tool with a sharp end and a tool with a rounded end which is great for working with silk ribbon, flair, or any other thread that can get caught on a point. They come in 3", 4", and 5" lengths. Made of steel they have a slight more heft than a BLT or Teko Bari. They have square ends to keep from rolling and will stick to a magnet. They have been "blued" so that your skin oils won't discolor the metal.

Finella Ribbon Laying Tools

Retail price is $25 for the 4" and $30 for the 3" and 5" (because they are handmade, these different sizes are harder to work with). 

You can contact me directly at, 206-406-5642, if you would like to purchase them or get more information. 

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Easy, Intermediate or Advanced?

Sheena has an idea that she things will help new stitchers who are browsing for a canvas online--shops should indicate somehow whether a canvas is likely to be easy, intermediate or advanced to stitch.  This isn't a foolproof system but it is going to be useful to an inexperienced stitcher.

Here's the site that got Sheena thinking what a cleaver idea this is--

If you are a shop with an online presence, this isn't a bad idea to implement as you add new photos to your web store.

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