Friday, June 11, 2010

New Halloween Designs (and More)

Today's Canvas of the Day (above) is from Renaissance Designs, specialists in wild Halloween designs.  While researching this piece, I discovered that Renaissance has posted photos of their newest designs on their website.  I love the Raven but I have to admit "I Have a Lot of Creepy Friends" cracks me up!  There are lots of Halloween designs as usual, but also as usual, Renaissance surprises us with wonderful florals and happy Christmas and Thanksgiving designs.

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What's Left After the Swearing Stops

I didn't mention turning this stocking inside out and discovering I'd sewed the lining and stocking together wrong, having to turn it back inside/out and do that again, having to rip out the side seams for the little Nordic Snowman stocking twice, sticking myself with a straight pin, spending an hour trying to attach the red cord trim, or saying all those swear words because I hate finishing.  (Although I do.)

I mentioned all that to show you that no matter how frustrating you find finishing--and I do--working through the process gives you a lovely little piece that you can be proud of and saves the money I'd rather put toward threads and beads and ribbons for the next needlepoint piece.

So here is Melissa Shirley's Nordic Snowman, made up into a stocking and stuffed with tissue paper to hold its shape until the little mini sock arrives at the new owner's home for the holidays.

Hope you enjoyed this needlepoint adventure!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at