Friday, January 14, 2011

Working My Way Back

I am inundated with chores here in Chilly Hollow, leaving me too tired to stitch at night.  This has gone on for nearly two weeks, but the end is in sight.  Last night I pulled out my Stars book and the threads for the next block and read through the instructions, thinking about what went where and if I wanted to change the threads Tony used for this section.  I also realized that the next block is not Marilyn Monroe as I thought (that was the first block!) but is actually Gregory Peck.  Boy, was I wrong!   But that is what happens when you are too busy to stitch.  You make mistakes.  I should be back on track tonight.  (I hope.)

However, I have taken time to post a new article on the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog--Patty Paints has stitch guides for some of their charming and light-hearted canvases.  You can read about them here.

I'm also getting ready to talk about Nancy's turkey again.  So stay tuned.  Things are starting to return to normal here, or at least as "normal" as they ever get!

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