Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Better Beaded Bra (and More)

Here's a better photo of the finished beaded bra. I finally realized that doing a scan after dark would give better results. Duh.  (Sorry, my brain has been turned to mush by all this snow.)  Looks like we are not going to get another foot of snow, however.  The weatherman is still saying 8-10 inches but so far we have about three.  It is coming down harder, though and we are to have high winds so I probably will not shovel much today.  It'll just blow right back.

Instead, I'll work on adding t-stitches to the tap pants background.  I have all the leaping deer finished!  Hurrah for me!  Can you tell any difference between the all Medici deer on the bra's background and the mix of Medici and Burmilana deer on the tap pants' background? In person I can sort of see differences, but that is because I know there is one.

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