Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turkey Update: Tail and Legs

Nancy has been busy working on her turkey canvas. Here's her latest report--

"I just thought I'd update you on where things stand.  I found the Overture for the border a bit difficult to find - it seems not many shops carry it anymore.  It gave me a chance to speak on the phone with a number of shops I've heard of but not done any business with.  One was the Scarlet Thread.  Do I remember that it is one of your 'somewhat local' shops?  I do have a couple of cards on special order, so all the border threads should be here before long. (PFOS is sending all the others.)
I got the brown triangles at the base of the tail done and the two brown borders around the outside of the tail done last night.  Today I did the foot in two strands of Burmilana with one strand of Flair.  I think it looks quite nice, if different from the painted foot.  I may add some backstitching.
We've warmed up to 11 degrees now!  But the sun is out so it just feels better.  The snow blew and drifted, but we were lucky it didn't drift on our driveway.  I only had to shovel a path to the bird feeders and the front door.
I hope the winter weather is treating your area  with some respect.  And that the dogs take nice, long naps!
Thank you again for all the time you spent consulting on this canvas.  I will try to keep you posted on my progress (it will keep me accountable!)."
Nancy, you are right.  Scarlet Thread is a local shop, or it was until the harsh economy drove it into being a virtual shop only.  But the owner, Sara Leigh, lives not that far from me and is a friend.  Her shop focus is on counted canvaswork, samplers and crewel embroidery but she has lots and lots of threads and is very helpful.

Thanks a lot for the update.  The Mary Lake Thompson turkey canvas and fowl canvases in general have lots of fans.

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Counted Canvaswork News

Not everyone who comes to Blog is a painted canvas fan so I collect items of interest for them.   Fans of my Tony Minieri Stars piece will want to read about the Stars retreat that Sara Leigh arranged for last weekend.  I wish I could have gone but I had travel plans, which of course were wrecked by the 10 inches of snow we got last week.  At least while I've been trapped here I can see lots and lots of progress other stitchers are making!

If you want to do a monthly club as a counted canvasworker, you should check out the Fingerstep Designs clubs that Alex Paras Needle Arts offers. This year's club are butterfly ornaments.  This is a cheap way to use up your stash in a monthly series that is lovely.

The Embroidery Addict has stitched a geometric piece from a French counted canvaswork designer I've never heard of.  If you want something totally different, read all about it here.

Of course I have to throw a bone to the painted canvas fans.  How about a jazzy new pair of scissors?  Whether you prefer painted designs or blank canvas, we all need scissors.

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