Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purses Galore

Since Red Geisha will adorn the front of a purse (this one, actually, but in black),

I thought it would be nice to show off other purses that have popped up on the World Wide Web recently.  Rittenhouse has just written a little article about all the purse canvases they have in stock.  There's a huge variety in size, shape and price for the interested stitcher.

Vicky just got this fabulous Lee tiger design back from Marlene's Finishing.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

Finally, the Pischke Pocket totes are coming out with new colors and designs all the time.

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Red Geisha's Hair

Melissa Shirley's Red Geisha
As promised, here is Red Geisha's wig.  Because her hair is black, it is difficult to see the effect in photographs, so I made the photograph black and white.  This shows the slants of her hair much better than a color photo does.  Her hair is made up of a silk/cashmere blend (Empress Elite from The Pure Palette) and overdyed Kreinik (from ThreadworX).  Around her hairline and the nape of her neck, the hair is a mix of straight and slanted stitches in black and gray to mimic the painted canvas.  You can see that much better in the black and white photo than in real life.  Further up the wig starts.  The wig is made of bundles of black Empress Elite couched down by the overdyed Kreinik which is silver/charcoal/black.  Each row is tied down in a slightly different place than the previous row was.  Each row slants to match the painted gray lines on the original canvas.  The best places to see the slant are the side hair next to her left eye and the hair just above her forehead.

This is a very easy technique, although it takes time and a lot of thread.  The effect is slightly stylized, which is appropriate for a geisha portrait such as this one.  It has the added bonus of being hard to snag, which is important as this will be on the front of a purse.

Red Geisha's Wig
And now, here is Red Geisha's wig in color.  She is not finished yet but this is the last you'll see of her until after she makes her appearance at the Columbus TNNA trade show at Melissa Shirley's booth.  I'll just say that tulle, sequins, and beads are about to be applied!

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