Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stars Corners

I started my first real stitching on Stars yesterday.  I already had a corner in place and had done all six of the little sashing corners but I have begun to think that they all used too much thread to allow the full effect to show.  So I pulled out the two big corners and one of the little sash corners.  In the photo above you see one of the two big corners that I finished.  I think I will stitch the other two big corners before I forget how they are done, then test stitch the little sash corner with smaller thread coverage and see how it looks.  Then I'll either remove all the sash corners and redo them or start on the top borders.

I've already got one problem I'd like input on from counted thread stitchers:  The big corners (and probably all the star quilt blocks themselves) have lots of starts and stops of many threads.  My corners on the back are quite thick with pin stitching/Locking L starts and stops and I've discovered that many of my Locking Ls were put in holes I need to put some other threads in later.  How do you handle starting and stopping threads when you have so many stitches and threads occupying the same space?

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention Tony Minieri graciously gave me permission to post photos of my version of his Stars design.  Thank you, Headmaster!

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