Saturday, January 16, 2016

Trend Spotting: Carolyn Hedge Baird

One of the things I love to do when the trade shows roll around is play Spot the Trend, but Carolyn Hedge Baird beat me to it this year. In her triple roles as shop representative/teacher/stitch guide writer, she pays close attention to recurring themes.  The Winter 2016 TNNA show in San Diego is no exception but what Carolyn noticed escaped me entirely--lots of new and realistic portraits of donkeys!

Of course many Nativity sets have always had donkeys in them, like Kelly Clark's donkey for her pretty set....

...or the Tapestry Tent donkey from Liz' set...

.... and there's Debbie Mumm's wonderful "Donkey, Sheep, Hen."

But this time the portraits are not part of a set, but a stand alone portrait of these animals.  Nenah Stone Designs is in the forefront of the trend with this sweet burro ornament.

Nenah Stone "Cardinal Donkey"

Nenah has done a larger portrait with her "Poinsettia Donkey" which is a cross between a Christmas piece and a Southwestern design.

Nenah Stone "Poinsettia Donkey"

Purple Palm designs has a brand new design from Sharon Weiser that shows a charming mother and baby donkey together with her signature purple tints.

Sharon Weiser's "Donkeys" from Purple Palm Designs

Elizabeth Turner Collection Portrait 

The final donkey portrait is from Elizabeth Turner Collection (now renamed the Meredith Collection).  It adds to their "Down on the Farm" series with a whimsical look at the viewer and an acid green background that is just perfect.

I'm sure you can see why Carolyn has crowned this the Year of the Donkey.  (Since it is a Presidential Election Year, I think I prefer to think of it as the Year of the Jackass.)

But whether politicians are getting to you or not, I think you'll agree this is a great new trend! Thanks for your sharp eyes, Carolyn!

Those who want to see more of what Carolyn spotted at Market should check out her Facebook page.

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