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The Spring 2021 Needlepoint Show

The Needlepoint Trade Association's Spring Needlepoint Show 2020 will be held March 19-23, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. HAS BEEN  CANCELLED.  They will have a virtual show (to the trade only) May 15-17, 2021.  Information is listed in the Destination Dallas tab his year.  

Here is the website.

I've stopped updating this listing as of July 1st, 2020.  


Needleminders US has branched out into painted canvases.  I particularly like the checked teapots.

Elizabeth Bradley has added four birds to their Tropical Collection.  They'd make lovely pillows but add two florals from the set and you'd have a magnificent six panel rug!

Debbie Taylor-Kerman has new Halloween costumed owls for Tapestry Fair.  Love the pirate!

Gayla Elliott has added new Stitching Girl designs.  They are at the top of this page.

Patricia Sone has two new sleep mask designs.

Needlepoint by Sharese has three new fall-themed ornaments available.

Melissa Prince has updated her website with the new items.

Pippin has a new critter design—The Regal Rooster.

Maggie has a fabulous new design of a crow stealing olives from martinis.

Tapestry Fair has two new nature portraits from Kelly Rae Roberts.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted lots of new items they have ordered from the materials the designers are sending the shops.  This is an excellent place to get a taste of the new without getting overwhelmed.

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont is also posting information about the newest canvases.

Stitch Therapy also is posting a lot of new items in their newsletter and on their website (second link below).


Maggie has a hilarious new frog canvas.

Treenway Silks has new purple shades in their 65 Roses line of silk perle.  These are limited edition colors so if you fall for them, buy before they sell out.

Puffin has a sweet little metal rose needle minder.

Brand new from Maggie-"Pink Posey" who is perfect for the chameleon and color lover.

Annie Lane has a new sheep—Harvey Woolstein the thread salesman going door to door.

Rainbow Gallery has some lovely new pastel colors of Entice.

Morgan Julia has a new "bag of pills canvas" and now carries needle threaders with tassels to make them easy to find in your stitching bag.

Maggie has a new artist—Catherine McEnery.  Here is her fabulous "Mardi Gras Chicken."

The Meredith Collection now has basketball state shapes, similar to the pumpkin shapes and Santa shapes they already offer.

Barefoot Needlepoint Design has a unique take on a scuba diver!  I would love this one with bubbles done in sequins and beads of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Devon Nicholson has a new Toltec wisdom design that is positive and colorful.

If you like angels and Halloween, check out Kangaroo Paw's Halloween Angel.

Patricia Sone has new 2 inch square initials for a quick personalized gift.

Laura Perin has a new design with hearts and stars and patriotic reds, whites and blues.  What more does one need?!

"Cottage Bouquet" is new from Jean Smith.  If you like blue spongewear pitchers full of flowers, this is for you.

My Pink Sugar Life has a funny staycation 2020 canvas.

Mindy also has new patterned hearts.

Mindy now has small canvases available to match colorful luggage tags.

David McCaskill has a new inspirational ribbon design.

Ada Hayden of Eye Candy has a new coronavirus abstract.

Annie Lane has a new beach dog and beach moose design.

Jody Valentine's latest is Summer Watermelon and Bee.

JP Needlepoint's Cat Lady shows her trying to take a bath with the cats surrounding the tub.

JP also has a Dog Mom version.

System Four now has a carry case for the portable System Four stand.

Two Needle Chicks has two toilet paper ornaments.

Kim Walton has some fun ornaments, one of toilet paper roll and the other of three people in masks.

Rebecca Wood has a hilarious reindeer ornament wearing a mask.

Victoria Whitson has a new pleather fob with custom thread cutter and threader.

Lauren Bloch Designs has a new Love canvas with a rainbow.

Nooxie Noble has three new small ornaments taken from a larger design called "The Moor."  If you like geometrics you'll love these.

Louise's Needlepoint has started selling their own designs.  You can see them in their newsletter, about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Brenda Stofft has three new florals.  Love the pink orchids!

Needlework Retailer shows off another of the fun Leigh ladies with feather hats.  There's not a stitch guide for this one.

JP Needlepoint has a lovely butterfly design out.

Accoutrement Designs has some new sassy sayings magnets.

Gayla Elliott has a new backgammon board for the fashionistas among us.

Kate Dickerson has this great prancing elephant from Megan Care.

Pajamas and Chocolate has a fun new cat design.

Carol Springer has a "If Cats Ruled the World" design.  Available from And More.

Lauren Bloch Designs has three Piggy Coronavirus designs and the first two have stitch guides from Cynthia Thomas.

JP Needlepoint shows off their "Sunset Peacock Purse."

Viola shows off their "Kidz Kitz."

Weeks Dye Works has new colors for 2020.

JP Needlepoint has a new geometric called "Shanghai Express."  They've also updated their website with the newest things. (second link below)

Rainbow Gallery has new colors of their Glisten, which is wool and metallic blended together.

Treenway Silks has a new color in its line of 65 Roses threads.

Andrea Barbini Santiamo has new patriotic and boat flag designs.

Kate Dickerson has new patriotic designs.

Audry Wu has a new Asian-themed ornament canvas called Pagoda.

Tina Wiehnburg has a new Circles series design chart called "States."

The English company Fine Cell Work has new kits available.

Patrica Sone's Fancy Hearts Series come with her stitch guides.

ThreadworX has new colors in their line of overdyed Vineyard Silk and Au Ver A Soie silk flosses.

Jenna Rose has two darling dauschund ornaments.

A. Bradley has a beautiful blue Star of Bethlehem.

Kreinik has a new pretty yam color.'s new Staywell collection now has a Staywell Graduate and a Frontline Hero canvas.  These are printed canvases.

Victoria Whitson has a new style of thread cutter/threader necklace.

Nooxie Noble has a new fashion plate inspired design.

Juli of JP Needlepoint has a new service dog canvas.  Funny!

The Gentle Art has two new colors of Sampler Thread.

My Pink Sugar Life has a hilarious new lava lamp ornament.

Bohin has two gorgeous thread cutter necklaces, one a cat at the beach and the other a peacock.

Lauren Bloch Designs has a fun custom graduation ornament.

Abigail Cecile is creating three styles of custom monograms now.

She also has a custom bridal ornament.

Puffin has a delightful new needle nanny in the shape of a birdhouse.

Sasi's mah jong ladies are available from Judi and Company.

New from Annie Lane—"Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?"  Hilarious!

Kelly Clark has summer-themed birdhouses.

Needlepoint for Fun has three new kits from Poppy Monk, a designer new to me.

Blue Dogwood has some darling bird ornaments now.

Kreinik has some new colors and new sizes in older colors.  More metallic options—Hurrah!

The Meredith Collection has two fun camel portraits. is starting a new series they call Stitch and Go with "stitch printed" designs.  The first one is a fund raiser for a food bank to help folks impacted by the coronavirus.  It's called "Sally Staywell."  Available with or without threads.

Alice Peterson has a new blue leopard pattern for their Stitch N Zip series.

Maren Devine's flamingo floatie in pool is available from Kate Dickerson.

JP Needlepoint has a new geometric called Border Crossings.

Liora Manne's "Coral Fan" through CBK is a nice classic design.

Judy Ann Designs has updated her website with new designs in almost all categories.

"Bird Watcher" is a new design from Annie Lane.

Gone Stitching has a hilarious emoji pillow.

Ahsley Dillon has three new small animal ornaments, available from Susan Roberts.

Dinky Dyes has seven new colors in their stranded silks.

We have a new designer!  Jenya Rose!  She's starting out with a preppy bag and chocolate bunnies in lovely colors.

Laura Perrin has a new chart called Lilac Time.  It's a former cyber class.

Dreamhouse Ventures has a fun new May design.

Renaissance Designs has a new bunny in the garden piece.

Mindy has a new rainbow floral.

Morgan Julia has new summer-themed designs plus restocking of favorites.

Machelle Somerville's new "The Simple Things" is just beautiful.  Too bad it is on 16 count, which I loathe.

There are five new Kimberly Santini canvases, mostly florals with animals.  Very pretty!

Sandra Gilmore has a new window canvas, a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Annie Lane has a cute new walrus at the beach canvas.

Pippin has a fun gumboil machine canvas.

Madeline Elizabeth has classic car designs for the self-finishing items.

Morgan Julia has three new canvases available.  We've seen the oyster on the half shell but the cowhide pattern and the I Want It All And I Want It Delivered canvas are new.

Mindy has a new blue Asian purse with handle available.

Kangaroo Paw has a cute four inch Princess of Prep design, perfect to fit in the round Planet Earth Fiber boxes or the Beth Gantz wooden frames.

Kelly Clark Studio's Etsy store has scissors, needle docks and scissors fobs that are unique.

Lauren Bloch Designs has a darling Corona Piggy.

Gay Ann Rogers has a new patriotic-themed design!  The chart isn't available yet.  Gay Ann normally sells a selection of her designs 2-3 times a year but the virus has cancelled her spring show and is impacting the fall one.  Stay tuned.

Julia Snyder has a new photo frame.

New still life from Pippin—very painterly.

Tango and Chocolate has a fun new design of a dog jumping into water called Go For It.

Painters Threads now has Soie American, which is a silk perle type thread in the overdyed Painters Threads color. It's about the size of size 8 perle cotton.

There's another Mindy dragonfly box with matching canvas.  This one is orange.

If you are on the lookout for toilet paper designs to commemorate your 2020 shopping experience, there are several designs available.

Penny MacLeod has four new lady ornaments  each wearing a mask.  One is a RN.  All are pre-order only and won't be available until mid summer at best.

Puffin has a really cute frog needle minder.

Designers are starting to use sloths as a motif.  Donna at the Meredith Collection has jumped on the band wagon with her sloth mini sock and there are other sloths in her newest designs, too.

Fleur de Paris shows off a fun Cyndi Lynch Christmas puppies piece.  There is a fabulous Carolyn Taggart stitch guide available for it, too.

Patti Mann has updated her website.  It's a lot of fun to browse her designs and see works from the artists she licenses.

Weeks Dye Works has six new colors in their overdyed cotton flosses.

JP Needlepoint has a new landscape with a heron on a river bank that's serene and lovely.

Robbyn's Nest shows off her custom canvases.  If you want to work with her to design something, contact her or ask your shop to do so.

Mindy's latest lacquer dragonfly box is green with a matching canvas.  I think these are one of a kind so contact her to buy if you want one.

Colour Complements has another thread kit available, this time for "More Rhodes to Follow" by Frieda's Fancy Stitching.  You have to buy the chart separately.

Three Kittens has translated more of Sue Spargo's quilt designs into painted canvases.

Sign of the Arrow's 2020 Christmas ornament limited edition kits are available now.  The kits are available on painted canvas or on plain to be worked from a chart, which is unique.  The 2019 bell design is still available, by the way.

Morgan Julia has a new oyster needle minder.  There will be a similar oyster canvas shortly.

Mindy has a new dragonfly box with matching dragonfly canvas.

Audry Wu has an Etsy store for her designs, all small ornaments (most on 13 count) with a unique take on them.  Love the diamond and the Year of the Rat!

Patricia Sone has a funny new "Wake Me for Chocolate" sleep mask canvas.

Hathaway merino crewel wool is available again from a new distributor.

Viola has new animal print clutches.

Victoria Whitson Needlepoint has a gorgeous Victorian heart thread cutter/threader combo necklace.

ThreadworX has new colors in overdyed Kreinik.  I adore the two skeins on the left!

Susan Roberts has a new 13 count stocking of Santa, a Reindeer and a Rabbit bringing toys.

Painter's Threads has ten new pastel colors in their Flower Thread line.

Maggie has updated her website with the new things again.

Tapestry Fair shows off a fun bunny with Easter eggs.  I think this is new.

Hingham Square Needlepoint has fun new glasses cases that can also be made into a cute little clutch purse.

Enriched Stitch is having a Colors of Praise trunk show with lots of photos of their tiny new luggage tag sized canvases.

Mindy has a few dragonfly boxes and matching canvases.  There's a blue one, too.

Alice Peterson has new small Christmas ornaments.

Devon Nicholson has new yoga designs!

There's a new Easter design from Laura Perin.

We have a new designer!  Please welcome Aster + Daisy Designs.

Art Diva has a pretty new wreath.

JP Needlepoint is making two of their popular underwater canvases available in rug sizes.

Treenway Silks has new colors in their 65 Roses line of threads.

If the flowers aren't popping up in your yard yet, you can go look at the latest Jean Smith floral.

Pepperberry has updated their website with new Easter and Christmas items.

ThreadWorx has new spring colors in overdyed Kreinik.

EyeCandy has a good look at their newest designs.  I just like the little bird cage ornaments.

Amanda Lawford has created three new landscapes, available with stitch guides from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.

Five Fishing Poles is new from Pippin.

Lani has updated her website.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website with the new designs.

Leigh Designs has a new hat lady.

Mindy has four new inserts that go with her new black leather jewelry case.  The box dimensions are 4 1/2" x 12" x 3" — the final link has three photos of the case itself.

Two Sisters has a fun whale belt.

Fleur de Paris has updated their New section of their website.

Kathy Schenkel Designs has done a website update.  Note there are four pages of new things.

CBK has updated their website with the new items.

Mindy posted three more hearts. I love this one based on Shasiko Japanese fabrics.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with the newest things.  Hurrah!  If you like florals, botanicals, Autumn themes, bunnies, bees, birds, sheep—it's all here.

Morgan Julia has posted about re-stocking designs and has some darling new ones at the bottom of her blog announcement of when new items will be available.  Love "Jungle Juice!"  By the way, her popular Ginger Jar needle minders are back in stock now.

Melissa Shirley has posted a few new "Fancy Candy Corn" designs on her Facebook page.

Nooxie Noble has two great new kaleidoscope type patterns which are fabulous stash busters and fun for tent stitch only relaxing stitching.  Distributed by Chris Lewis.

Kate Dickerson has a new fun pumpkin.

NeedlePaint has three new designs reminding us to Wash Your Hands.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with their latest items.

BeStitched is going to be doing a digital marketplace. First up, new designs from Tapestry Fair.

Mindy has new small heart canvases with abstract floral patterns that are really wonderful.

EyeCandy shows off more new items. I really like the little birdcage ornaments with an inspirational word on each.

Two new Kate Dickerson vintage Santa Christmas pieces. Stitch guides are available.

Madelaine Elizabeth has a hilarious new beach canvas of a seagull and its French fry.

Rainbow Gallery has new colors of Eyelash. There are pastels, neutrals and brights.

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with some lovely stockings, stocking tops and fun Christmas ornaments and Nativity pieces.

Maggie shows off the new Terry Runyon pieces.  I adore the Egyptian Spinx cat!

Devon Nicholson Designs has their new things on their website.  Don't miss the Hip Kats series!  The Christmas "The Real Story" design with Mrs. Santa doing all the work is hilarious, as are the silly tooth fairy animal designs.  Plus the new fancy socks series are fun and different.

Colors of Praise has posted seven videos on their Facebook page of their new designs.

CBK has a new nutcracker stocking from Kooler.

Love You More has updated their website with a section for the spring 2020 new items.  Click on the thumbnail photos to advance the slide show.  I like the Deep Sea Creatures and the Headless Horseman myself!

Tapestry Fair has posted a few new canvases on Peggi's blog.

Colors of Praise has posted a video of some of their newest designs.

Purple Palm has new designs from the new Ryan Connors dog and cat portraits, all of which are wonderful and I think will be very popular.

Colonial Needle has updated their website with two pages of new Kelly Clark pieces and a new small tissue box and a jewelry case from their Lee leather goods line.

Julie Mar has updated their website, too.  I love the blue heron and the Selfie design on page two!

Danji has updated their website with the 2020 new items.  "Merde Happens" might be a new favorite but the black, red and gold Chinese zodiac designs are lovely.

Alice Peterson has posted four sections of new things to their website.  Here are new accessories.

Alice's new Christmas items, most of which are 13 count ornaments.  (Don't forget there are multiple pages.)

Alice's new hand painted canvases, pretty evenly split between 13 and 18 count.

Finally, Alice's new Stitch and Zip collection.

Rachel Donley has posted about the new things on her website (which are mixed in with the old).  There are five photos so use the right side arrow.

New Rebecca Wood stocking—there is a boy version, too.

JP Needlepoint has a new Cat Lady and Dog Mom canvas for spring.

Kangaroo Paws has new designs  that fit the Planet Earth Fiber boxes.

Laura Perin has a lovely new chart called "Daffodil Time."

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has most of their newest canvases (and the new self-finishing shallow boxes) on their website.

Kelly Clark has posted her new designs over three pages on Facebook.

A Stitch in Time Designs has updated their website with the new items.  Sadly there is not a section for just the new designs.  They are all mixed together.  Still it is a fun browse.

Devon Nicholson has a hilarious Freak Out canvas for the coronavirus era.

More new items from Kate Dickerson.  First link is to licensed artists and the second to Judica.

Third is Kate's Advent tree.

New from the Meredith Collection.  Adore the Asian ladies and I really like the abstract animals, but I think the footballs and basketballs and piles of pumpkins shaped like states will be big sellers.

New from Cooper Oaks-

New from Hello Tess—Love the Green Tiger!  Note there are two pages of new things.

New from Kirk and Bradley - there are three pages so don't miss all three pages.  I love the Holiday Baubles, by the way.

New from Abigail Cecile-I love the Folk Animals series of ornaments!

New from EyeCandy.  More new designs are promised for later.

New from My Pink Sugar Life—a toilet roll!  LOL

Kate Dickerson has posted twelve pages of new items and promises to show more later.

Kate also has a lovely Tree of Life Menorah.

Associated Talents shows off a new elephants canvas that showcases their talent for mixing colors and patterns.

Kirkland Design Studio has lots of new stitching magnets for your summer projects.

Jolly Red has a new kit called Blossom Birds.  This UK company specializes in designs printed on canvas that are meant to be stitched in wool included in the kits.  Most designs are 10 stitches to the inch.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has darling little self-finishing boxes and canvases to mix and match.

Kelly Clark has sneak peaks at her new Easter Bonnets series.

The newest Tina Wiehenburg chart is Series of Circles Pansies, in purples and lilacs, of course!

Kirk and Bradley has six new travel rounds to remember your vacations or help you dream about the next one.

Kelly Clark has posted sneak peeks at her new birdhouse series.

Purple Palm has some fun new cat canvases from Ryan Conners.  This one is all bundled up with his coffee.

Maggie has two new summertime canvases from Denise DeRusha for Orlando.

Annie and Company in Manhattan has an exclusive Jane Tattersfeld canvas of a red dragon surrounded by flowers.  Check their ad page 6 in the March/April 2020 Needlepoint Now magazine.

The newest Hug Me Bag is the Julia, named after Julia Snyder.  Use the right side arrow to see more photos.

Madeline Elizabeth is getting ready for Orlando with lots of new designs.

Colour Complements has a new thread kit available for "More Rhodes to Follow" from Frida's Fancy Stitching.  If you are a fan of geometric counted canvaswork, check this one out.

Dreamhouse Venture's Nooxie Noble Designs has some lovely geometrics that would be fabulous stash busters or just a great way to basketwave your way to bliss.

Colour Complements has new colors of overdyed Petite Very Velvet in stock.  Follow the links to purchase.

Accoutrement Designs has added what they call "motivational magnets" to their MagFriend line.

ThreadworX has new colors in their perle cottons!

Kelmscott Designs has new scissors coming out called the Grocery Girls Scissors.  The handles are red and green and the blades are serrated.

Blue Ridge Stitchery has two new designs for the spring show—green turtle and flowers.

Ewe and Eye has two new designs.  The bears at the campfire with their marshmallows is a fun one.

The guide for this Ewe and Eye piece is from Terry Christopher Castillo.

Stitch Rock Designs is only speaking to the dog (or cat) today.  LOL

If you are a fan of Jane Tattersfield's classic but colorful British take on animals and flowers, check out the Needle Nook of La Jolla trunk show where you can see all her work, including new smaller pieces.

Tina Wiehenburg has a lovely new 9 patch quilt counted canvaswork design.  It is called "Garden Columbine."

Puffin and Company will have three new spring-themed needle nannies at the Spring Show.

Rainbow Gallery will have exclusive Nashville Classic scissors available at the Nashville cross stitch show in March.

Alice Peterson is releasing a blue leopard pattern in their Stitch and Zip series.

Ruth Schmuff has a new designer—BeeThings.  Follow the link to see everything available.

Kate Dickerson has six new Judaic designs. Love the menorah!

If you need a Mardi Gras magnet, Accoutrement Designs has a Mag Friend for you.

Chris Lewis Distributing has a hilarious gingerbread man doing yoga. I don't know which of his artists made this but it's really darling and different.

Apparently Kelly Clark of Colonial Needle is doing an assortment of Patriotic Birdhouse designs for the spring.

Blue Dogwood has two Victorian designs in gold and silver.  Classics!

Accoutrement Designs has a pair of themed magnets and a scissors fob perfect for the tropical drink lover.

Associated Talents has new carrot designs for spring.  There are four pages of these charmers, so use the right side arrow to view them all.

Colour Complements has a new kit called "Sea Star" available, using their overdyed threads.  A free PDF of the pattern is included with purchase although you do have to provide 18 count needlepoint canvas.

Accoutrement also has new Mag Friends magnets, all with cute sayings.

Accoutrement Designs shows off their Scottish magnets.  Some are new, some old, all celebrate the lovely land of Scotland.

Labors of Love has new animals, a goose girl and a boy shepherd for their Nativity set.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Annie Lane has a new two pet Christmas custom design.

Kathy of Needle Delights shows off her new charted pieces.

Fun new sayings pillow from Morgan Julia.

A Stitch in Time shows off Tricia Lowenfield Design's two new Valentine designs.

Accoutrement Designs has new magnets.

Northwest Needlepoint has a new exclusive Oregon travel round that includes the shop logo.

Colour Complements has released new colors of overdyed size 8 Kreinik braid.  You can read about them here or follow the link to buy.

Maggie has posted three new canvases from Jo Scott, one of her new artists, on Facebook. Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Colour Complements has released their three new spring colors.  These are muted pastels with a touch of tan that remind me of early spring before the greenery has started to sprout.

Zecca has updated their website with new designs.

Gay Ann Rogers is starting a new landmark hearts series.  These are not available until her next sale.

Patti Mann has a cute new tailgating canvas.

Laurie Walden of StitchLaw now offers some lovely one-of-a-kind glass needle minders.

Arlene Cohen of Works by ABC has a wonderful new band sampler from a 400 year old pattern book.

Two new wedding pieces from Oasis Needlepoint.

Alice Peterson has seasonal Three Girls canvases.

Sue Spargo's quilt designs are showing up on needlepoint canvases.

Here's another new designer—Prairie Designs.  Fabulous Santas and I like the little Christmas houses.

Audrey Wu Designs has the cutest Year of the Rat design I've ever seen in her new Etsy shop.

Rachel Donley has a fun customizable "write in the sand" design.

Raymond Crawford has updated his website with the new items for Winter 2020.  There are ornaments, Christmas pieces, a fabulous flamingo with flowers, and a really nice Christmas Carousel set with Santa and his reindeer.

BeStitched shows off the new rattan self-finishing canister from Planet Earth Fibers.

J. Malahy Designs has updated their website with new sock monkey princesses, fun llamas and more!

Jody Valentine has new heart designs that can be customized with initials or dates.

New designs from Colors of Praise. Use the side arrows to see all.

Pocket Full of Stitches came back from the Fleur de Paris open house with plenty of new items from several designers.  More photos are promised for tomorrow.

New from Diane Herrmann Designs.

Rachel Donley also has accepted the Dolly Parton Social Media challenge in a hilarious way!  (Big Dolly fan here in CH, by the way)

Rachel Donley has three new Cheers designs sized for the new Planet Earth Fiber clutch bags.

New from David McCaskill—a wine and cheese design and a pickle ornament.

Arlene Cohen of Works by ABC returns with a knot design that is actually made from words from a famous poem.  Very clever!

J. Malany Designs has three darling Kokeshi doll canvases for fans of Japanese culture.

New from Blue Ridge Stitchery—"Indian Block Print."  The self-finishing clutches mentioned here are in the second link below, by the way.

The new self-finishing clutches from Tilli Tomas/Planet Earth are here.  They come in a gusseted and a flat version.  Gone Stitching has them but they are not on their website.  Here are the photos from BeStitched.

Personalized items have their own page on Laurel Wheeler Needlepoint Designs now.

Thanks to Homestead, I know that Susan Roberts has updated her website with six pages of new items for 2020.  The new Tapestry Tent stockings are on the last page.  Start here—

Hilda Belle Treasures has a new product, their Needleminder Banners which will be a nice parking place for your needle magnets.

Annie Lane's latest canvas is "Identity Theft," available just in time for Easter.

Mindy has a new Love canvas with a box to match.

Morgan Julia has a new resort-themed collection.

Color Complements now offers hand dyed cotton floche.

Gone Stitching has a new self finishing zip clutch purse.

New from Morgan Julia Designs—a champagne bottle in bucket.

New from Love You More—a floral wreath on royal blue.

Kate Dickerson has celebrated the redesign of her website with two new collections, Chic Lifestyle and Judiaca.  Both will be available in the spring.

Raymond Crawford has done two Christmas/Hanukkah designs for Ridgewood Needlepoint.  The shop will be providing stitch guides and these should be available in March 2020.

Devon Nicholson has a new hilarious sayings pillow in Latin.  "Don't let the bastards get you down."

Mindy has two three new Asian inserts for clutch purses.  The purse comes with the hole but the insert will have to have the finisher make the holes for the chain.  FYI

Viola now offers round wicker purses that appear to have a loop closure.

Raymond Crawford has a fancy new bovine ready in January, 2020.

New from Carol at Associated Talents for 2020—

Enriched Stitch shows off a sneak peek at a new series that seem to be ladies with flowers and fabulous hair.

Tapestry Fair already has a new artist lined up, Christy Moeller.  Here's her Dia De Los Muertos piece, "Dragonfly."

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