Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shop News

There's been a lot of shop news going on while I was looking the other way.  First of all, M's Canvashouse has expanded.  They have a new shop in Louisville, Kentucky which expands their presence in Lexington, Kentucky.  The owner, Meredith Barnhill Willet, is well known as the co-author of Knots, Fur and Turkeywork, the owner of Elizabeth Turner Designs, and for the superb finishing her shops do for the stitcher who needs canvaswork shoes, purses or other items. If you live in Kentucky, you'll want to visit either shop when you can.  If you are not local, you can see a bit about both shops in the videos posted on their website.

The Needle Works' new shop in Austin, Texas is going up fast.  Construction of their new and larger store is moving along quickly to meet the July opening date.  You can see photso of the vaguely Craftsman style building on the shop blog.  Click on New Store in the Categoruies list on the left side of the page to read more about the interior.

I don't know about you, but I find this expansion news heartening during this bleak economy with so many out of work.

By the way, this isn't shop news but Martha Stewart has a new book out on crafts, especially sewing.  DMC went to the book launch and reports on their blog about the shindig with plenty of pictures.

If you aren't familiar with Martha Stewart, check out her website.  The recipe and project database (which I worked on at my former job) is fabulous to browse.

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