Sunday, August 13, 2023

Needles for Nickel Allergic Stitchers

Recently several folks have mentioned allergic reactions when stitching with needles.  This is probably a nickel allergy so nickel-free or stainless steel needles are a good option to try for those with allergies.

Mary Corbet mentioned The Needle Lady's stainless steel needles.  She also sells easy threading needles.

Several folks on Needlepoint Nation use Pony Black tapestry needles.  Other types of needles are also available.  I'm not sure all are hypoallergenic, however.

No, the Pony Black needles with white eyes are steel with no nickel, making them hypoallergenic.  There are also size 28 tapestry needles with black eyes that are nickel free.

I've not tried either brand, being lucky enough not to have such allergies.  If you do, hope they work for you!

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