Friday, June 27, 2014

Finishing Friday: Bigger is Better?

Ridgewood has some wonderful finished pieces to show off today.  First, look at the 3-D dolls they saw at the May trade show.  Some are from Sew Much Fun but I don't think they all are.

One of Ridgewood's customers stitched this huge under the sea piece.  It is wonderful.

Here is the entire screen.  I think the design might be by Truby but I am not certain.

Melita has framed her small Bargello pieces in a very fun way.

Eye Candy has photos of some of their designs finished.  It's fun to see the various colors.

Barbara Bergsten also has a photo of one of her Kiss designs made up.  Spectacular finishing and superb staging!

I'm not sure bigger is better, but most of these pieces are fairly large.  Still, great stitching combined with great finishing makes the impact of a small piece very big.

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Ode to Mobile

If you have friends in Mobile, Alabama (or just like the thought of gracious Southern living near the ocean), you will want to see the Kathy Schenkel ornament that Needle Bug in Montgomery has in their shop.   Stitch over the word Mobile to make this a Southern heritage piece.

It has been many years since I regularly made the long trek through the uninhabited wilderness between Montgomery and Mobile (and I ain't NEVER going back in July--I am a Southerner used to the heat but Mobile in summer resembles the surface of the sun) but this ornament takes me back to Alabama.  If your home is where your friends are, Alabama is my true home.

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