Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Know the Drill (With Judy's Beading Tips)

Last night I (you guessed it) continued beading and basketweaving Luna's gown.  It's slow going.  I've been alternating colors and also switching between basketweaving and beading sections.

Yesterday I had a visit in the Comments from the designer and writer Judy Harper who suggested my beading would go easier if I did a sort of skip basketweave after using a pen to dot the intersections where I want beads to go with a touch of white.  Judy says that is the easiest way to bead a canvas and the white will make the beads stand out a bit more.  Sadly, I can't take up her suggestion of using skip basketweave for the beading background as I want the beads clustered here and there, not spread out in a regular fashion.  However, later today I'm going to use one of my pens to dot the areas where I want beads to go, then basketweave the area, skipping only the dotted intersections.  This should help me spot empty intersections once the basketweaveing is done.  THANK YOU, JUDY!  By the way, Judy's e-Book on beading needlepoint canvas is on sale at her website.  She beads a lot and has many ideas about how to utilized beads to enhance your canvas, whether you want a shimmer of beads or just a touch of sparkle.  She didn't ask me to mention this (she doesn't even know I am doing so) but a sale on beading needlepoint information is too good to miss.

In other news, Ruth Schmuff has finished her latest mystery class.  It's a little girl in her Halloween costume and it is darling.  Wait'll you see the background stitch Ruth chose!

Patt and Lee Designs has premiered one of their new products for the January trade show on their blog.  It's a slide top Shaker style box for your stitching supplies.  If you have a pet who likes to stick their nose in where it doesn't belong, this might be something you'll want.

In the "I Laughed Until I Cried" category, I offer you Franklin's take on knitting someone a Christmas present.  Or not.

Jane, exits laughing

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