Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Pat Mazu Designs

Fans of counted canvaswork and subscribers to the needlepoint magazines have seen lots of Pat Mazu's wonderful little stocking designs. Occasionally Pat does something that isn't a stocking and they are terrific, too. I am thrilled to see that Stitches from the Heart has new charts of her work available.

The stars at the top of Kim's Stars I've just seen Tony Minieri use in a fabulous background.  The gold and white stockings are the most elegant little stockings imaginable, while the Spindrift stocking is perfect for the ocean lover or sailor in your life.  I think the three little Glittering stocking patterns have been in Needle Pointers.  Great stuff, all four charts!  It is a good time to be a counted thread sort of needepointer, isn't it?

Pat has a finishing book available as well.  I've not seen it in person but friends say it is a great finishing book.

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