Thursday, December 21, 2023

Is This A Problem?

Elizabeth over at Needlepoint Nation posted photos of her new spools of Kreinik, some of which look odd to her.

It's not a problem.  It could be the thread was a bit off center when put on the spool or it could be that Kreinik's transition to using only the large size spool means some of the various sizes of threads don't quite cover the large spool any more.  For example, spools of number 4 braid have 11 meters on the spool, while number 8, 12 and 16 braid have 10 meters.  If you buy 24 braid, you get 5 meters.  You can see using one size spool for all threads means some spools aren't completely covered by the thread.

This greatly helps when buying spools, though.  Kreinik has been having problems buying all the different sizes they used to put their threads on.

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