Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Wayback Machine and the SOTM

Jana (winner of the year's Cleverest Stitcher Award) messaged me to say she'd discovered that the Wayback Machine allows access to ANG's Stitch of the Month program  from its start in 1998 until 2011.  It's not perfect as not all the photos are available and sometimes clicking on the diagrams doesn't work or the diagram is upside down, but it's better than nothing.

ANG's current policy is to allow purblic access only to the 1998 Stitch of the Month project.  You have to be a dues-paying member to access the rest.  I've deplored this for years and Jana cleverly found a way around the limitations, allowing access to fun mystery projects from the likes of Beth Robertson, Barbara Richardson, Chris Eisenberg, Carole Lake, David McCaskill, Ann Strite-Kurz, SharonG, Kathy Fenchel, Brenda Hart Lois Kerschner, Tony Minieri, Sue Reed, and Ro Pace.

Thanks, Jana!

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