Thursday, March 24, 2022

Breaking News: Dale Lenci Is Retiring in June

Dale Lenci, owner of Luv 2 Stitch in San Mateo, CA and the designer behind DJ Designs, is going to retire the end of June, 2022!

His fun shop newsletters and his elegant designs will be much missed, but we hope he has a wonderful retirement.

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Sunflowers (and more) for Ukraine

I'm starting to see sunflowers all over, and realized this is because they are Ukraine's flower.  As I write this, the invasion of Ukraine is still stalled.  Hopefully diplomacy (or common decency) will prevail and the Russian army will retreat.  To take this back to needlepoint, Carol Curtis Needlepoint Design has a lovely realistic sunflower.

Suzi of VNG has a sunflower fund raiser for Ukraine.

So does Pepperberry.

Judy Ann has added several small sunflower pieces to her Etsy store.

If you are fond of traditional needlepoint pillows, Beth Russell's pillow kit is gorgeous.  It's also available with a green or paprika red background but we'll show the blue since yellow and blue are the Ukrainian flag colors.

Are you a fan of abstract art?  Then this Zecca canvas of four sunflowers is going to be right up your alley.

The Meredith Collection has at least two sunflowers.

Mary Lake Thompson has a gorgeous sunflower boot for the Southwestern fans.

Want something smaller? This Abigail Cecile version is for you.

JP has a lovely little peace ornament and...

...a darling sunflower egg design.

The queen of floral needlepoint design is Jean Smith.  This beauty is on 13 count.

Jean also has a very elegant sunflower topiary.

Patt of Patt and Lee has a large sunflower that's gorgeous.  Change the teal background to blue and there you go.

Jody Valentine has several small sunflower ornaments.

If you are a fan of counted canvaswork, Laura Perin's "Ukrainian Eggs" is a fabulous design from a chart.

Laura has taken one of the eggs from "Ukrainian Eggs" and charted it for a free project.  Thanks, Laura!

JP Needlepoint is painting an Ukrainian egg design.  It's not finished yet but you can see how it is developing here.

JP Needlepoint now has individual Ukrainian eggs available.

If you have more canvases than time, how about this charming heart magnet from Kirkland Design Studio?

Rebecca Wood has a charming reindeer ornament for Ukraine.

We stitch our hopes and dreams, don't we?  We dream of peace in Ukraine.  By the way, Tilli Thomas of Planet Earth has a new Ukrainian flag ornament that is a fund raiser for the brave soils there.

UPDATES:  Jolly Red has a subtle bow to Ukraine in their Brighter Days Daffodils kit.

Kathy Brandt has added a lovely heart flag to her line.

Hedgehog has a Kyiv Vintage Luggage tag needle magnet now.

Hannah Bass has a traditional needlepoint kit.

Laura Love Designs has a new charted sunflower chart fund raiser.  It'll be available as a painted canvas later this year.

Laura Love's painted version of the pretty Ukrainian embroidery with sunflower is ready.

Elizabeth Bradley has redone their small sunflower kit with a Ukrainian blue background.  All profits go to charities to help the Ukrainian refugees.

CanvasWorks has a great kit with the Ukrainian symbol.  Available this summer.

BeauVerre Art has Ukrainian needle minders.  The Labors of Love shop has them in stock.

Painted Pony has an angel that is a fund raiser for Ukrainian displaced children.

Anne Fisher is distributing two needlepoint canvases from Julia Krasnik, an Ukrainian artist.

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