Sunday, October 3, 2010

Don't Forget to Enter

Becky Myers' Beach Angel, designed by Mile High Princess
As part of my Evil Plan to tempt poor innocent stitchers into trying painted canvases, I have a giveaway of a Mile High Princess canvas, stitch guide, and all the threads necessary to stitch the canvas (which is called Beach Angel).

You can enter the giveaway by either posting a comment here-

or by emailing me at chilly hollowat hotmail dotcom since I know commenting doesn't always work (bad Blogger!).  Remember, I'm asking that only folks who haven't done painted canvases before to enter since this is meant to get new folks started.

The deadline for entering the contest is tomorrow, Monday, October 4.  I'll draw the winner at random Tuesday morning since I'm on an early time zone compared to the rest of the United States and this will give overseas folks time to enter, too.

The giveaway is sponsored by Dale at Canvases Be Gone, who provided the kit and stitch guide. It has been helped along by my friends Becky and Mimi, who provided Ruth Dilt's Needlepoint 202 to provide further help beyond the stitch guide, and who let me use the photo of Becky's finished Beach Angel above.  Thanks guys.  Blog readers appreciate it!

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Stars: Filling out Deborah Kerr

Last night I worked on filling out the squares and triangles that fill Deborah's corners.  This block continues to be very jewel-like. It's one of my favorites so far, but like the previous square, it has been rather hard for me to get right.  I jumped around a lot and stitched various areas before Tony said to, trying to get things done in the correct count.

I need to finish the tie down stitches in the corner squares and I also have to do more top-stitching over areas where various blocks meet, but the square is almost done.  Once those finishing touches are done, I'll start working on the sashing underneath and to the right of the block.  Remember, I've decided to not do the outside borders until all the blocks are finished so that I won't damage them when stitching the blocks inside the triple borders.  That means the black area to the left of the block won't be stitched until the very end.

In other news, The Needle Works has posted their October newsletter on their website.  Here's the direct link.  They have lots of Raymond Crawford canvases to show from a trunk show, have some lovely finishing to show off, and have posted about the new St. Charles trade show purchases which are showing up in the shop now.

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Great News! Elaine Magnin is Back!

My spies report that Elaine Magnin, the San Francisco shop that has been an institution for years and just closed this summer, has reopened under new management and a new name in the same location--3310 Sacramento Street, San Francisco CA 94118.  Apparently the phone number is 415/345-8779.

It's now Golden Gate Needlepoint.  There's a bit about the shop on this local news site.  Look under "Following Up."

I never got anything but the best customer service and terrific prices from Alan when he owned the shop and I expect his former employees will carry on in the same way.

I can't find a website yet but hopefully that will happen soon.  If you are in San Francisco, please visit Golden Gate for me and tell the new owners I wish them well.  (Many thanks to my local reporter for this good news.)

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