Monday, April 5, 2010

Woodlawn 2010: Tiny

One of the most charming pieces I saw at Woodlawn was a tiny cube of birds sitting on power lines against a blue sky.  The cube itself was perhaps two inches per side.  It was well stitched all in tent stitches.  The photo doesn't show the subtle sparkle in the background that metallic threads added.  Oddly, I don't remember the gold stars in the background but they are obvious in the photograph in the online Woodlawn album.

You can see the unstitched canvas by Kathy Schenkel here.

She has a whole Tiny Cube series, most of which are visible on the Needle Nook of La Jolla website.

Actually, there were a lot of tiny pieces that were show-stoppers at Woodlawn this year.  You can't tell it from the photos but the Best in Show award winner set are all about 2 inches tall and perhaps 3/4 of an inch wide.

There were also quite a few pieces on silk gauze.  This little bird is typical. [Note that Carol S. wrote me that her bird was on muslin instead of silk gauze.  This was a Tanja Berlin class.  Thanks for the correction, Carol. I blame the lighting at Woodlawn instead of my old eyes for the mistake.  LOL]  The second link to what I think is a counted thread design is a bit more unusual.

All the tiny things I saw were wonderful but I might have to stitch that little Kathy Schenkel bird cube.

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She Likes It

Actually, she loves it.  It will decorate her dresser mirror for now as we count down the days until the new Doctor Who series shows up on BBC America April 17th.

I haven't stitched in three days so we'll have to go elsewhere for stitching news.  Fortunately, there is a lot of it.  Donna's finally making progress on her version of Stars after wrestling with her color choices.  I can't remember who recommended working one quilt block as an ornament to test colors before starting to stitch the whole thing, but that's a really good idea.  Donna's finally settled on a cherry blossom theme (second link).

Pat's stumpwork flowers and hummingbird is framed.  This is a gorgeous piece, isn't it?  And the framers did a great job.

If you've ever wanted to create a dimensional flower using detached buttonhole, you'll want to read this article about the challenges involved.  The blue flower is intended for a reproduction Elizabethan sweetbag.  I have a spool of ecru and gold Gilt Sylke Twist that I might want to use for something like this....

You've probably seen the Nieman Marcus NP purse kit all over the Internet, but you haven't read what Squiggee has to say about it.  It's hilarious!

By the way, Fendi is showing a NP bag this year.  It's already stitched however, and apparently is not lined.

Stephen needs help finding the perfect background for his stitching tote bag.  Anyone know a perfect stitch to go behind the intricate shop logo on his canvas?

Ruth Schmuff's Art Deco Cat is starting to come to life.  This is a wonderful design and the cat itself is amazing.

Barbara Bergsten has some great pieces just back from the finisher. Her painted canvases are always colorful and fun and since she posts guides to stitch them on her website, easy to recreate at home.

I'm going to work on Stars tonight, promise!

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