Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Treats for the Counted Canvasworker UPDATED

I am not a counted canvaswork person, not being able to count to three reliably, but I still admire what you can achieve. Here is Gay Ann Rogers' various Downton Abby designs, framed together. Clever idea, although this may just be Brenda putting the photos together for display.  Click on Brenda's photo to see things better.

Carolyn Mitchell just wrote about new newest teaching piece, Echoes of Glass, for the Embroiderer's Association of Canada.  I find this a particularly lovely design.  The second link below shows all three parts together.

UPDATE:  Linda says that the American Needlepoint Guild is also offering Carolyn Mitchell's Echoes of Glass as a workshop by mail. Registration ends January 31st.   Another good reason to join ANG!  They have great classes available to members.

Folks who love counted canvaswork should remember I maintain a list of counted designers in a tab on Blog plus a listing of shops that are said to have a good selection of counted charts for your stitching pleasure.  Have fun browsing!

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