Friday, December 3, 2021

Self Finishing Tips and Tricks: The Movie

Time's getting short for Christmas and this year (and last) shops are having quadruple the number of items to finish.  Short version:  if you turned things in to your shop last June, they might be ready by December.  But if you are totally desperate, you can try self-finishing items with products from Planet Earth, Sudbury, Beth Gantz and more. 

But doing it yourself is scary, so the Pointing It Out Podcast has come to our rescue with a video about self-finishing tips and tricks.

Here is a link to Sudberry's Betsy Box.  (Sudberry has other styles and sizes of boxes.)

Here are the Sudbury trays.

Here are the Beth Gantz self-finishing ornaments and boxes.

Planet Earth's self-finishing items, including their jewelry boxes and clutches. are here.

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