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REPOST of Ann Spiess Mills Exhibit Starting Tomorrow

Rose Angel

BREAKING NEWS:  The organizers of the Ann Spiess Mills exhibit in Las Vegas, New Mexico say that because of the demand to see the exhibit, it has been extended another week or two.  If you are in the area and missed out during August, time to go visit now.

Are you a fan of Ann Spiess Mill's needlepoint?  I am.  Ann was an artist and needlepointer working in New Mexico to create unique canvases into the early 1990s.  Her cross stitch charts with her signature faces are almost always available on eBay, but her needlepoint canvases are all originals.  Ann did not create multiples of each canvas.  Each piece was done only once, although you will see themes and Ann's unique symbolism over and over again.

Seven Children in Pueblo
Two collectors of Ann's work have organized a exhibit in Las Vegas, New Mexico for next August. I hope Ann's friends and admirers will be able to see it. Ann's son and daughter Cliff and Rees are seen in the photo below along with Linda and Sharon, the organizers of the exhibit, in the center in a photograph taken at the Historical Society of New Mexico's annual meeting and conference this spring. The stand ups you see are Ann's work. The colcha (traditional New Mexican embroidery normally seen on bed linens) on the table is Ann's old family 1740s colcha made by her great, great, great, great grandmother.  Below is a bit about the exhibit in August, courtesy of Linda and Sharon.

Ann's Family and Friends With Her Work

The colorful creative embroidery of New Mexico folk artist Ann Spiess Mills will be featured with a month long exhibition in Las Vegas, New Mexico, accompanied by an opening day of multimedia programs. Open free to the general public, the Ann Spiess Mills programs will explore her fascinating life and work as well as historical tales of family history in New Mexico. She was completely self taught and joyfully celebrated her freedom from rules. A highly collected artist, she became a very popular teacher as well. Independent researchers, Sharon Stephan, from Hollis, New Hampshire and Linda Anderle of Las Vegas, New Mexico will facilitate this program.

Madonna and Child

EXHIBITION - AUGUST 2 - 30, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Ann Spiess Mills, New Mexico Folk Artist
Exhibition Opening

Sunday, August 3, 2014
1:30 pm - The Spiess Family History And their Contributions to New Mexico
2:30 pm - Fibers, Fantasy & Folk Art - Ann Spiess Mills
3:30 pm - Hands-On Workshop in the Manner of Ann Spiess Mills
Materials Fee

Las Vegas, New Mexico
Exhibition, Programs and Workshop - Citizen’s Committee for Historic Preservation
116 Bridge Street
Self-Guided Tour - CCHP 9 Historical Districts Walking/Driving Guide
including Spiess Homes and Grave Sites

Monk in the Kitchen
All the photographs of Ann's canvases are taken from eBay sales over the last five years.  I started collecting them as a way of keeping Ann's work alive.  Fortunately, Sharon and Linda are doing a much better job of that than I am!

Hope you all get to see the exhibit in August.  Mark your calendars and make your travel plans NOW.

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Shop and Thread News

Just got word today that Nordic Needle has new owners.   Many thanks to Needlework Retailer for posting the link to this article announcing the change.  If you have not visited the website for this iconic shop which does mail order all over the world, the second link below will be a treat to visit.

By the way, the NN website has a notice on the home page saying Dinky-Dyes has discontinued their cotton flosses and perles.  Stock up now if you are a fan.

The other bit of shop news is from Meredith Willet who just announced via newsletter that she is closing the Louisville branch of M's Canvashouse as she just doesn't have the time to devote to two shops.  The Lexington shop will happily care for Louisville customers in the future.  Everything in the Louisville shop will be thirty percent off from September 8-12 to help empty the inventory.

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How To Videos from The Comfy Cottage UPDATED

If you are a visual learner, you'll want to see The Comfy Cottage's new videos.  The first is about The Woven Stitch (the second link below has a diagram of the Woven Stitch as done in the video as best I can tell)

...the second covers French knots, is Half Cross,


...and the last covers Skip Tent.

UPDATE:  Here's a bit more about their program from Sheena.

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