Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Melita Organizes with IKEA UPDATED

Melita has purchased three sets of small filing cabinets from IKEA for her threads organization.

These are the Helmer drawer units.  The photos here help you see just how big they are.

They are not too expensive but some assembly is required.

You'll also need some sort of drawer insert to help organize the threads further in my opinion.  IKEA's Antonius basket insert is highly recommended and it looks like it will fit inside the Helmer unit drawers.

UPDATE:  Tisha of says "IKEA has a divided plastic tray that just fits in the Helmer drawers. #500.435.73 18929. The Rainbow cards fit perfectly! As I remember, it's in the kitchen department but not in the Market Place. Photo on request."

Thanks, Tisha!

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